This cabinet card, by Sarony of New York City, presents a challenge to the research department of the Cabinet Card Gallery. The research department is composed of all the visitors to this site who bring with them a vast amount of knowledge which they generously share through their comments. So, what is the challenge? The challenge is; “Who is the subject of this photograph?”. This intense and interesting looking gentleman, is likely an actor. Although the evidence would not hold up in court, it does lean toward the hypothesis that this fur collared and mustachioed man, is a stage performer. The subject has the “look” of  a performer and the photographer is Sarony, who was a noted photographer of theatre stars. If any visitors have some ideas as to the identity of this gentleman, please leave a comment. Other photographs by Sarony may be seen by clicking on Cabinet Card Gallery’s category of “Photographer: Sarony”.

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Mary Mannering (1875-1953), stage star,  is featured in this cabinet card photograph by Schloss of New York City, New York.  Mary Mannering was born in London, England. She had her theatrical debut in Manchester in 1892. Daniel Frohman, theatrical producer and manager, convinced her to come to New York in 1896. She was quite successful in America. She played leading roles in romantic comedies and dramas for more than a decade. After appearing in 19 Broadway plays, she retired at the peak of her popularity, after playing in the “Garden of Allah” (1911). The  photographer,  Schloss was a well known New York City photographer who was famous for his portraits of theatrical stars.

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Maud Granger (c 1851-1928) was a popular nineteenth century actress who belonged to a number of east coast theatre touring companies. She played in 17 Broadway productions between 1879 and 1924. She also became an early cinema screen personality. This cabinet card was photographed by the studio of Gilbert & Bacon of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This studio was one of the best known photographic studios in Philadelphia and produced portraits of many celebrities. To view other photographs by this studio, click on the category “Photographer: Gilbert & Bacon”.