This cabinet card features a well dressed young couple posing for their portrait in the studio of Stephen Piper in Manchester, New Hampshire. The studio was located at 804 Elm Street. The husband is seated, his jacket has just the top button fastened, and he is wearing a pocket watch. His wife is standing behind the table, an ideal position for displaying her beautiful figure (enhanced by her corset). The photographer and the subjects apparently decided to use cabinet cards as props. The young woman is displaying them on the covered table. One wonders if these are cabinet card portraits of family menbers that the couple brought from home, or if they are just cabinet cards of random people that were lying around the gallery. Piper (1835-1903) was a photographer in Manchester from 1866 to at least, 1887. He was born in Sanborton, New Hampshire. His obituary in the Manchester Union Leader nearly filled the entire front page of the newspaper. Even more remarkable for the time, was the fact that his picture was also on the front page. Piper was clearly considered an important citizen of Manchester, at the time of his death.

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