This cabinet card features a young man posing with his bicycle. His “ride” is very “tricked out”. Check out the accessories. The bike has a large headlight and something that looks like a “fanny pack” hanging from the seat. Hopefully, a visitor to the cabinet card gallery can explain the purpose of the “fanny pack”. Visitor feedback would also be appreciated concerning the gentleman’s necktie. One hesitates to call it a necktie because it seems to be a collection of items including cotton balls, and possibly, a small round framed photograph. The tie is sort of like a “charm tie”.  The gentleman’s cap looks great and will help keep his hair in place while riding. The photographer is Lewitz whose studio was located in Chicago, Illinois. Research found two photographers in Chicago sharing the name of Lewitz. Charles Lewitz operated a studio at 1643 North Robey Street. This address was next door to where this cabinet card was photographed; indicating that Charles was the likely photographer of this image. However, life is rarely that simple. Complicating matters is the fact that Emil Lewitz was a photographer  who had a gallery at 1843 North Robey Street. Most likely, Charles and Emil were related and ran all three studios, each one at different points of time. It appears that the photographer of this cabinet card was an enterprising man. An advertisement on the reverse of the card notes “Photographs Taken of Houses and Groups”. To view other photographs by the Lewitzs’, click on the category “Photographer: Lewitz”.

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  1. The state of the bicycle’s tyres suggest that it’s well used. I’m guessing those are cycling medals around his neck. The pom-poms … well, who knows? As for the mini-satchel hanging from the back of the seat, I had one almost exactly like that on my first bike, and in it I carried that all important bicycle spanner and puncture repair kit. My pump was held by special brackets on the lower diagonal brace, as are most, but I don’t see one on his bike.

    I’m intrigued by the writing towards the lower left hand edge of the backdrop, below the “rustic” bench. I can’t read it very well, but I think it might well be the backdrop artist’s signature! If so, I think that’s rather unusual. What a pity the photographer didn’t get the focus quite right.

  2. I recall a recent photo of a young woman with her bicycle, and she had the same type of pouch/container under the seat. I assumed it was either to store treasures or tools.

  3. Very interesting photo..I also noticed the hand writing. The bike seems tall..or he seems short. He certainly has lots of medals to go with his Pom Poms..and I like the knickers:)

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