A young couple poses for their portrait in this cabinet card photographed by J. F. Rank of Van Wert, Ohio. The man in the image is holding a rolled document that appears to be a diploma. He is dressed in formal clothing which suggests that the portrait may be a graduation picture. He has a fine handle bar mustache and is wearing a pocket watch. The woman in this picture is nicely dressed and well adorned with jewelry. Jeremiah F. Rank (1847-1913) was born in Shelby, Ohio. He learned the trade of photography from I. S. Hartsock in Van Wert, Ohio, in 1872. After being trained, he quickly bought Hartsock’s studio and operated the business until 1892 when he sold the gallery. After traveling around the United States for two years, he opened galleries in Schuyler and Lincoln, Nebraska. He eventually returned to Van Wert and opened another studio there. In 1874, Rank was married to Mary I. McBride of Oskaloosa, Iowa. To view other photographs by this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Rank”.


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