A young woman poses for her portrait at the studio of C. W. Lucas in Brodhead, Wisconsin. She has long dark hair and is dressed nicely but not fancy. She is wearing an interesting necklace. The necklace is a string of small cubes. Hanging from the necklace is a small cameo. Photographer, Charles W. Lucas located to Brodhead in 1869, He was born in 1841 and was a native of Maine. He entered the field of photography in 1866 and moved to Wisconsin in 1868. He partnered with others in photography studios until 1871 when he began to operate independently. He was married to Bashie Springstead of Brodhead. It is interesting to note that there is an error  on the front of this cabinet card. The name of the town of “Broadhead” is misspelled. The name should be spelled “Brodhead”.   One wonders why Charles Lucas kept the card stock even though part of his address was spelled incorrectly.

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  1. The answer can be : no money 😉

    • That’s my idea, too – I think there wasn’t a sale on exchange like nowadays.
      About the necklace, I have the idea, it might have been a watch-chain before.
      Did you notice the crudiform brooch? maybe all the familiy took there jewellry to adorn this girl in his very special, complicated, but probably home-made warm velvet dress for a big day.

      • cruciform 😕

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