A pretty young woman poses for photographer George W. Bew in his studio. The studio was located at 1725 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is wearing a fashionable hat and an interesting necklace with a locket. She is also wearing earrings. A story about photographer George W. Bew (1835-1913) appears in the “Historical Journal ” (2012) of the Lititz Historical Foundation. Lititz is a town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Apparently, after working as a photographer in Philadelphia (he is listed in the 1881 city directory), Bew moved his business to Lititz. Between 1890 and 1896 his business in Lititiz was known as the “Broad Street Gallery”. Between 1900 and 1913 his gallery was located at 162 Locust Street in Lititz. The Bulletin of Photography (1913) announced Bew’s death. The brief article mentioned that he was still working as a photographer at the time of his death, even though he was 80 years old. Another source listed his death age as seventy-eight.


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