An attractive and fashionable couple stand in front of the camera in this portrait by Duclos. The gallery was located in Lowell, Massachusetts. The couple in this photograph are very well dressed and likely affluent. The couple are unidentified. This is a lovely image but there was an error made in setting up the couple’s pose. Take a close look and see if you can find the photographer’s mistake. I will describe the error in the second-to-last sentence of this paragraph. There is only sketchy information about the photographer of this image. However, the information is pretty amazing. An article in the Nashua Telegraph (1909) is entitled “DUCLOS FAMILY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS: THREE GENERATIONS OF PICTURE TAKERS”. The story reveals that the family of Mr and Mrs Alphonse Duclos of Lowell,was a family of photographers. Both father and mother were photographers and each of their six children “have charge” of photography studios. Each of the married children were married to photographers and the one and only grandchild (age 12) was considered a prodigy photographer. The article reports where each of the members of the Duclos family worked as photographers. Sadie Duclos is the family member who operated studios (2) in Lowell. When setting up the pose and while photographing this image, Sadie did not notice one of the woman’s shoes sticking out from under her dress. To view the work of other female photographers, click on the category “Female Photographers”.

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  1. I have done genealogy research on the Duclos Family of Photographers. I am trying to get a copy of the referenced 1909 article in the Nashua Telegraph. Can you forward this to me? Are any of the Duclos photos for sale? This was a family of 8 brothers and sister all portrait photographers.

    • I found the Nashua Telegraph article on the internet but don’t have an exact reference for you. If you haven’t already searched for it via google, give that a try. In addition there are internet sites where you can find old newspaper articles. Newspaper Archives is one such site. Good luck in your research on this interesting photographicfamily.

      • Thank you for your response. If you should find that article again, would you forward it to me? I have tried all afternoon to find it. I have called the newspaper – no success. The write up with the photo has some info I would like to check out. It touches on an area I want to pursue.

  2. So proud to be part of this family.
    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Ryan Duclos

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