santleyThis fantastic cabinet card photograph features beautiful theater actress Kate Santley (1837-1923). The photograph was produced by New York City celebrity photographer, Napoleon Sarony. Santley was born in Germany but raised as a child in Charleston, South Carolina. After the outbreak of the civil war in America, Santley left for England. She began her theater career in England and became a well known actress, singer, comedienne, and theater manager. In 1876 she played Wilhelmina in “The Jolly Waterman” at the London Opera Comique. Also in 1876, she started her own theater company and produced and starred in W. S.Gilbert’s “Princess Toto” at the Theatre Royale in Nottingham. Kate Santley was a stage beauty. She was slim and pretty and was frequently photographed for carte de visites, cabinet cards, postcards, and advertising. To view other photographs by this celebrated photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Sarony”.


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  1. Dear Sir:

    I enjoy very much the emails you send out showing cabinet cards along with the informative information about the subjects and the photographers.

    Many thanks for including me in your e-mailings. Wishing you a great New Year!

    P.S. – Just for the record… the plural of “Carte de Visite” is “Cartes de Visite” … Not, “Carte de Visites”. No doubt just a “typo” in the Kate Santley descriptive material.

    With Kind Regards,

    Hans Lorenz

    Williamsburg, VA.


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