TOPHATS_0007This photograph features nine men “dressed to the nines”. What does “dressed to the nines” mean and where does the term derive from? It basically means that these guys are fashionably and elaborately dressed. Research reveals that the derivation of the phrase “dressed to the nines”  is unknown. There are a lot of theories but no real evidence to support a single theory. So who are these guys and what group do they represent? We run into another wall in an attempt to answer these questions. The men in this image are unidentified and the photographer is unknown. This photograph is one of those images that is similar to a psychological projective test. We have to make up our own story to better understand the photograph. The story we create is a reflection of our experiences and personality. The story I tell myself is that these men are part of a club or organization. They are dressed formally for some sort of special organizational event. The papers that they are holding are possibly certificates for some type of accomplishment, ballots, or invitations. What’s the story you tell yourself about this image? You are invited to leave a comment with your impressions

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  1. They were sent to get groceries, first detouring to the photographer’s studio. They are holding the grocery lists, of course!

  2. I suspect an important occasion, or maybe these are winners of a lottery? I remember reading an article about an early lottery and so perhaps this might be the signifigance for the group photo?

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