TRUMPET MAN_0006A man in a plaid suit, winged collar shirt, and matching vest poses for his photograph at an unidentified studio. He is holding a horn of some kind (Trumpet?, Bugle?, or Cornet?) and wearing a cap which has the lettering “WCB”. I am guessing that the “CB” part is an abbreviation for “community band”. Inscribed on the reverse of the photograph are the following; “Burnette” and “Albion, NY”. “Burnette” is likely the subject’s name and Albion was likely his hometown. Research found too many men sharing the name “Burnette” in Albion to make a positive identification of his name and background. The over zealous previous owned of this cabinet card described the subject as a civil war veteran holding his bugle and wearing his kepi hat. Collectors of antique photographs must be careful of people making such unsubstantiated claims. Call me an optimist, but I think the majority of such people are more unaware than unscrupulous.

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  1. This is great, today I picked up a similar card of a man holding a horn with the letters CSCB on his hat altough I dont know what the letters stand for yet

  2. Beautiful card. This chap is holding a cornet, definitely.

  3. A super photo with fine focus. The gentleman has an E-flat Cornet with engraved designs on the bell. This was the high solo instrument in a brass band and the engraving indicates a premium instrument. The WCB on his cap probably stands for W___”s Cornet Band; or possibly the W_ville Citizen’s Band. These were the common names for such brass bands in this era, 1870 to 1900. Photographs of cornet players outnumber all other instrumentalist by a wide margin. It was THE most popular instrument to hear and play.

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