TRUMPETERS_0003Two trumpeters in band uniforms pose for their portrait at the Brown studio in Sterling, Illinois. This is one of those times that there is a need for consultation from one of the visitors to the Cabinet Card Gallery with band instrument expertise. Are these men holding trumpets, cornets, or bugles? One also wonders about the relationship between the two men in this photograph. Are they father and son?Unfortunately the subjects are not identified and their relationship, besides being bandmates, is unknown. In addition, the men’s uniforms lack patches or lettering to suggest their band affiliation. Research yielded no information about the photographer of this image.

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TRUMPET MAN_0006A man in a plaid suit, winged collar shirt, and matching vest poses for his photograph at an unidentified studio. He is holding a horn of some kind (Trumpet?, Bugle?, or Cornet?) and wearing a cap which has the lettering “WCB”. I am guessing that the “CB” part is an abbreviation for “community band”. Inscribed on the reverse of the photograph are the following; “Burnette” and “Albion, NY”. “Burnette” is likely the subject’s name and Albion was likely his hometown. Research found too many men sharing the name “Burnette” in Albion to make a positive identification of his name and background. The over zealous previous owned of this cabinet card described the subject as a civil war veteran holding his bugle and wearing his kepi hat. Collectors of antique photographs must be careful of people making such unsubstantiated claims. Call me an optimist, but I think the majority of such people are more unaware than unscrupulous.

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