TRUMPETERS_0003Two trumpeters in band uniforms pose for their portrait at the Brown studio in Sterling, Illinois. This is one of those times that there is a need for consultation from one of the visitors to the Cabinet Card Gallery with band instrument expertise. Are these men holding trumpets, cornets, or bugles? One also wonders about the relationship between the two men in this photograph. Are they father and son?Unfortunately the subjects are not identified and their relationship, besides being bandmates, is unknown. In addition, the men’s uniforms lack patches or lettering to suggest their band affiliation. Research yielded no information about the photographer of this image.

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  1. Cornet

  2. Right-o Steve, cornet it is.

    Per relationship, probably just fellow band-members. However, not the way we think of bands today, e.g., rock bands, etc.

    At the time this photo was probably taken, it was a commonplace American phenomenon for even the smallest towns to have a “village green” where there could usually be found a gazebo, or other type of presentation spot in the center of a town park area. – Also, during trolley days, the trolley companies would feature “Electric Park”(s) at the end of the line and on weekends throughout the day into the evening, bands would play and citizens would picnic and sing along and dance to tunes like “To the Light of the Silvery Moon” or “Sweet Adelaide”.

    It was John Phillip Sousa time and REAL musicians that could read and play REAL music hardly ever went without work. – Small Town America really celebrated the good life in those days.

  3. Yes Cornets, and the one on the left appears a bit smaller and would be in E-flat and the other in B-flat. The E-flat was the typical solo instrument for the soprano voice in the brass bands. Their uniforms are the same 19th century pattern offered by one of the big music mail-order catalogs.

    I have a photo of a band from Sterling, IL called the Banda Verde, but it dates from the next decade and the uniforms are not the exactly the same. It ranks in the top ten for cute baby pictures too. The story’s on my blog here:

    • I appreciate your other submission Mike. Thanks so much.

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