LADYTHEATREMASK_0001This cabinet card photograph captures a young woman holding a theater (carnival)  mask. It is very likely that this smiling woman is an actress and that she is wearing a theater costume. Her dress is very unique and interesting. Hoperfully,  some of the fashion informed visitors to the cabinet card gallery will leave commentary about the subject’s attire. The cabinet card gallery is fortunate to have so many visitors willing to leave interesting and educational comments. This photograph was produced by A. Regis who operated a gallery in Nice, France.

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  1. looks like leaves on her dress – depends on the colours, but maybe something allegoric with the season of autumn?

  2. I find this dress a bit strange for a theatrical character. Maybe the photo relates to the Nice Carnival, one of the most important in the world, a tradition which goes back to the XIII century?

  3. Having been in the acting profession for some years, I can guess that she might have been a member of an itinerant (right word ?) – traveling company that kind of threw their costumes together slap-dash at a moment’s notice: when someone was absent, left the company, or was ill, or even died. – Also, oftentimes actors “grew into” new character types as they advanced with a company. (For instance, the ingenue character.) Many began their careers in an acting “family” and started as children: not uncommon at all. They simply inherited their wardrobe from the previous wearer.

  4. […] Source: ACTRESS HOLDS THEATER MASK ALOFT IN NICE, FRANCE | First Night Design […]

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