everett_0003This Newsboy cabinet card features a portrait of actress, Frances Everett. The photograph is number 329 of a series of images published by Newsboy to distribute as a premium with their tobacco products. The photograph was taken by B. J. Falk and has a copyright of 1891. The cabinet card has a stamp from the Theatral (Theatrical?) Photo. Company of New York City. Miss Everett holds a string instrument (mandolin?) and is dressed in a rather risque costume for her era. She is also wearing a great smile. Preliminary research found no biographical information about Miss Everett or the Theatral Photo Company.


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  1. Amazing how the standards of beauty have changed. Can you imagine someone with her rather fleshy thighs being featured in an advertisement today?

  2. This is my 2nd great grand aunt 🙂 Her real name was Frances Von Buettner but her stage name was Fanny Everett. Google: History of Photography Bygone Burlesque and you’ll find her. There were actually a few other pictures as well.

    • Public taste takes strange turns … about the time this Card was issued, hefty ladies bulging out of their tights were in vogue, and ‘The May Howard Big Burlesque Company’, for one, hired no one under 150 pounds. By their standards Fanny appears, possibly, to be too’ svelt.

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