TEMPLAR KNIGHT_0001The previous owner of this photograph asserted that the subject of this image is dressed in the uniform of  the “Knights of the Templar”. Note the gentleman’s sword , gloves, belt, sash, and feathered hat.  The Knights of the Templar was a fraternal group that originated shortly after the first crusade. To view other photographs of members of this organization, enter “templar” on this sites search box.  This image was produced by Rieman & Company which was located in San Francisco. The photograph is larger than a cabinet card. It measures 5″x8″.  Advertising on the reverse of the card includes the quote “Rieman’s Babies” and  “When Others Fail, Try Rieman”. These boastful statements refer to Rieman’s general photographic prowess as well as his special talent for the difficult task of photographing babies. To view other photographs by Rieman and to learn more about him, click on cabinet card gallery’s category “Photographer: Rieman”.

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  1. His mouth is hidden among all that hair. Must have been difficult to eat, to say nothing of the mess afterwards!

  2. How interesting! What a telling expression in the eyes of that person. And I think, that the background with the castle in the upper right corner is well chosen and adds to the way of representation.

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