J. C. Prince’s Photo Art Studio produced this wonderful wedding portrait. The photographer was located on Broad Street in Central Falls, Rhode Island. The couple are formally dressed and accompanied by flowers galore including a garland around the neck of the pretty bride. The groom has a happy twinkle in his eyes and his new bride appears to be quite sassy. Perhaps her sassiness is related to his happiness. In fact, both the bride and the groom seem to be very content on their wedding day. Their happiness is quite different than what is usually seen in most wedding day images from this era. More typically, photographed newly weds look like they are at their best friend’s funeral.

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  1. What era and year is this phone? Is it from the 19th century?

    • I’m going to assume that you made a typographical error and meant to ask me what era that this photograph comes from. I believe that this image was produced by J. C. Prince sometime between 1900 and 1910, This is a guess based on the photographs type and on the fact that this is the period that Prince operated his studio in the Central Falls area.

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