SPANISH LADY_0003This image features a well dressed woman posing for her portrait at the Amadeo studio in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Amadeo’s gallery was located at 19 Calle San Nicolas. The subject of this photograph is unidentified. She is wearing jewelry and a nice hat. Her arms seem to be covered by translucent lace material that resemble stockings, but worn on the arms. It is clear that I need some major assistance from the cabinet card gallery research department (comprised of the site’s visitors) in order to explain the woman’s undersleeves. It is unknown whether the woman in this photograph was a visitor or resident of Palma. Palma de Mallorca is a major city and capital of the province of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

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  1. Very interesting sleeves indeed, I’ve never seen anything like it, and yet it seems intended for the outfit due to how all the buttons throughout match the sleeve buttons. I imagine the sleeve fabric is a silk, or mesh, or netting of some kind similar to a veil fabric, and I like the ruffles on her cuffs. I kind of wish she was standing so that we could see the outfit in its entirety more clearly. Interesting that she is wearing bracelets under each sleeve and they are visible too, so it’s well thought out.

  2. It is likely a sheer under blouse as the fabric also shows at the neckline in the V of the dress. Come to think of it I have a dress from this period that has sheer silk attached to the short sleeves and across the V , it fastens with hook & eyes underneath the dress. 1918 ‘ish. All the weight of those buttons would wear that fabric to shreds in no time .

  3. I agree with Mona and Libby regarding the description of the outfit. Looking at her complete outfit it seems to be from the Edwardian period. I believe I see a ring on her left hand. Don’t most Europeans wear their wedding rings on the right hand? She certainly has dark brooding eyes which makes me think that she was Spanish, or perhaps of Greek or Middle Eastern descent. Don’t we all wish that photographs bore the name of the sitter with date and other pertinent information!

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