ONTARIO FRONT An inscription on the reverse of this cabinet card indicates that one of the girls in this cabinet card photograph is named Lottie. Lottie and a second teenage girl are sharing a letter in this portrait by photographer Frank Cooper, whose studio was located in Canada (London, Ontario). The girls in this image are most likely sisters. Both are well dressed and wearing flowers.The photographer, Frank Cooper, was born in London in 1845 and was of Irish descent. He started his photography business at age 21. In 1878 he married Emily Riddle of St. Catherines, Ontario. Frank Cooper’s brother (John) was also operated a photography studio in London. Franks business operated from 1868 until 1909 while John ran his studio between 1857 and 1890. Frank Cooper died in San Diego, California but is buried in Woodland Cemetery in London. The photograph below is a portrait of Frank Cooper that was found online in the London Public Library Image Gallery. To view more photographs by Cooper, click on the category “Photographer: Cooper”. LonPL002405222-1


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  1. This is identical to the image at the London Public Library image Gallery,London ontario

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