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Miss Florence St. John (1855-1912) is the subject of this portrait by the London Stereoscopic Company. She was a very well known English singer and actress. She was famous for her roles in operetta, musical burlesque, music hall, opera and comic plays. She began her career in her teenage years and received much acclaim for her 1879 role in “Madame Favart”. Her light opera soprano roles included Ollivette (1880), Nel Gwynne (1884) and Erminie (1885). She joined the Gaiety Theater company in 1888. She toured a number of times in America. In 1900 she appeared in her last musical and thereafter appeared in straight theater. Florence St. John was a very busy actress, appearing in a large number of productions. Perhaps it was her busyness that interfered with her marriages. By the time she was 42 years of age, she was entering her fourth marriage. This portrait shows Miss St. John’s beauty and captures her lovely smile. The London Stereoscopic Company was located, not surprisingly, in London, England. The gallery billed itself as “Photographers’ to the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Royal Family”. The company won many prizes and international exhibitions. To view other photographs by this gallery (including photographs of other actresses), click on the cabinet card gallery’s category “Photographer: London Stereographic Company”.  SOLD

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