The gentleman featured in this cabinet card has a terrific salt and pepper bushy beard. In fact, it is so terrific that this image qualifies to join cabinet card gallery’s category “Beards (Only the Best). To see other great beards, click on the category. This photograph was produced by the Howe studio in Pittsfield, Maine. W. H. Howe is listed as a photographer in the Pittsfield Register (1904).

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  1. […] Image credit: Cabinet Card Gallery. […]

  2. This man has a striking resemblance to my ancestor, Samuel Allen Bennett, of Pittsfield, Maine. Is there any more information on this photo?

    • Unfortunately, the subject of this portrait is not identified and there are no clues as to his identity

  3. Can the photo’s date be determined?

    • I can not date the photo exactly but there are some clues available as to the date it was taken. In the text above I mentioned that Will H. Howe’s name appears in the Pittsfield register of 1904. In addition he is listed in the 1900 US census as a photographer. Incidentally, Iearned that his date of birth was 1858 and that he died in 1904. He is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery which is located in Somerville, Maine. I believe it is likely that this photograph was produced by Howe’s studio sometime in the late 1890’s or very early 1900’s, obviously before his death in 1904.

      • Thanks! The resemblance to my GG Grandfather is uncanny, esp. his facial hair, but Samuel Allen Bennett died in 1901 at age 75. To be the same person, I think your photo would need to be from the 1880’s. It’s hard to imagine two men in the same town would have such similar beards, hair style, eyes, etc. Would you have an interest in seeing my ancestor’s photo? And, Is your photo for sale?

        Lee Bennett

      • I would be interested in seeing the photograph of your ancestor. You can send it to me via bmarshphd@gmail.com or you can send me a link via this comment system. The photograph of “a man and his spectacular…..” is indeed for sale though it would take me some time to provide you with a price. Let me know whether you are interested in purchasing it.

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