This photograph features a portrait of an extremely pretty young woman. Unlike many images of this era, the subject is smiling. She has a great smile. There is an inscription on the reverse of the photograph. Unfortunately, I can not translate the words. It’s all Greek to me. The photographer is Kantas Soeurs and his studio was located in Athens, Greece. This photograph is either from the cabinet card era or slight after that period. It measures 4 3/4 ” x  3 1/8″. Addendum: A visitor to the cabinet card gallery kindly provided a translation to the inscription on the reverse of this image. The inscription reads “To my dearest Georgios as a very small token of my love.  (signed) Zaharula” The translator added that the term “Kandas Soeurs” (seen on the front of the photo card) means “sisters” in French. It is posited that the photographer (Mr. Kandas) died and his sisters took over the studio. The vast unpaid research department of the cabinet card gallery never cease to amaze me. They are resourceful researchers and well informed in multiple interest areas. Thanks to all the visitors that contribute their time and knowledge to increase the quality of the site.

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