J. B. Scholl, well known Chicago photographer, produced this wedding portrait of a smartly dressed bride and groom. The groom has a nice handlebar mustache. The bride is wearing a pretty floral wedding veil and appears to be holding the grooms sleeve rather than his hand. Despite their lack of physical contact, the pair are standing much closer to each than seen in many other wedding photographs. I wonder why the photographer posed the gentleman with one foot elevated on a curb. At first, I speculated that the rationale was to add height to a groom who was shorter than his bride. However, the gentleman has both knees bent which certainly restricts his reaching full height. My final conclusion was that the photographer, normally quite skillful, had a bad day and was careless setting up this particular pose.To view more of Mr. Scholl’s photographs and to learn more about him, click on the category “Photographer: Scholl JB.

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  1. Composition … woe to the poor photographer. A favorite standard of the day was ‘seat the (often taller) male and stand the lady’ … in a pleasing manner. I believe, in this case, Mr. Scholl … for good or ill … arranged the eye-levels of the couple at the same height. Given that, even so, I wouldn’t argue against the ‘bad-day hypothesis’.

  2. I have a cabinet card by Scholl and Mink, 715 Halstead Street, Chicago, Ill.

    It’s probably the same photographer just with a partner. His address changed often it appears.

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