This cabinet card features a young wedding couple posing for their portrait as the studio of Flodin & Thyberg in Worcester, Massachusetts (411 Main Street). The bride and groom are showing little emotion on their wedding day but it is likely that their expressions just reflect the instructions of the photographer. The bride is wearing fingerless gloves so that her wedding ring is visible in the photograph. The groom is posed with crossed feet. He looks like he is about to break out in a turn of the century version of the Nutcracker Suite Ballet. To view other photographs by this studio, and to learn more about the photographers, click on the category “Photographer: Flodin & Thyberg”.  SOLD

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  1. Wow! Look at that frock coat and shiny shoes. I am sure that they are just as the photographer arranged them … and still in awe of the occasion (possibly, each is thinking ‘What have I done?). Striking to me is that the prevailing ‘rule’ … ‘He seated, she standing’ … is reversed. That didn’t seem to happen much, if my observations are representative of the norm.

  2. Are you sure she is alive? I know sometimes photographers took photos of deceased people.

    • You are correct that there is a possibility that she is deceased. I can’t know for sure but I would say that she is extremely likely to be alive physiologically but frozen in front of the camera. It is certainly common to see cabinet card subjects blankly staring into the camera and I think that this image is just another example of that phenomenon. Thanks for visiting the gallery and posing your interesting hypotheses.

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