A young woman in San Francisco, California poses for her portrait at the Rieman and Tuttle photographic studio. The studio was also known as the Yosemite Art Gallery. The subject of this photograph was a fashionable woman as apparent by her attire and hair style. Note the cameo that she is wearing at her collar. Her name is written on the reverse of the photograph but I found it indecipherable. This photograph is in very good condition. George B. Rieman and William Nutting Tuttle became partners in 1879. Some of their photographs as well as others by Rieman when he was a sole proprietor can be seen by clicking on the category “Photographer: Rieman”.  SOLD


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  1. This is a very young woman. We used to make those ringlets & put bobby pin in it overnight. Comb out ea one very carefully in the am. This was in 60’s. No hairspray yet, just hope for low humidity. Get on the NY Central – Head for Madison Ave., Can’t imagine how those ladies kept their curls so pretty in those days!

    • One method used by ladies of that era to keep their curls in place longer was sugar water. The hair was moistened with water in which sugar had been dissolved, and the curls were pinned in place, or wound on rag curlers. When the hair had dried and set, the curls were carefully unwound, and the curls, though slightly stiff from the dried sugar, would keep for a longer time. I have read of this method in several historical novels.

  2. What a beautiful lady, and how artistic are hair look at this time of the century.

  3. I have a similar photograph of a woman in S.F with an identical hairstyle dated 1878.. Just an FYI on possible date for this. She is lovely..

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