wilbur opera

This portrait features stage actress May Kohnle. She is wearing a loose fitting bulky dress and a look of impatience. The Washington Times (1904) mentions that Miss Kohnle was part of the cast of “The Show Girl” which was appearing at the Lafayette Opera House. The show was described as “a jolly bit of tomfoolery” and the cast included “30 singing and dancing girls”. May Kohnle was a performer with the Wilbur Opera Company. The company began operating in 1870 and was founded by A. C. Wilbur. Wilbur was considered a fantastic businessman because he provided comic opera at popular prices and managed to be very successful financially. This photograph was taken by Elmer Chickering, a celebrated photographer who operated in Boston, Massachusetts. To learn more about Mr. Chickering and to view other photographs by this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Chickering, E.”.   SOLD

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  1. “The Wilber Opera Company” — What we’ve lost. Even small cities in rural areas had their theatres and opera companies, all over America. – Take a gander at the famous symphony orchestras that are now being forced to close due to lack of funds. – The worst kinds of music and “entertainment” today are incredible. Thanks for the feature portrait of a woman who was probably a very talented performer.

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