wedding photo

This cabinet card photograph is a wedding portrait featuring a slouching groom and an austere bride. The wedding couple are both adorned with flowers. The groom in this photo is probably trying to project a relaxed appearance but instead comes off as sloppy. He is slouching while leaning on a chair and his hand is partially in his pocket. This is not a spectacular pose. His bride is wearing a pretty dark wedding dress with a long veil. She is also wearing a rather frosty expression. The photographer of this portrait is the Dawson studio which was located in New London, Wisconsin. J. C. Dawson’s studio was in business in New London from 1877  through 1914. After his death in 1914, the studio continued to operate under it’s name with a new proprietor. Dawson also had a studio is Oshkosh between 1891 and 1893. He operated a third studio in Hortonsville in at least 1893. Dawson (1856-1914) was married to Almeda Dawson in 1880. The 1900 US census found him living in New London with his wife, two daughters (ages 15 and 18),  father, and one boarder.  SOLD


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  1. The pose of this groom is certainly unexpected for this era! One can only wonder if his friends and relatives were shocked upon seeing this memento of their special day. His wife’s “frosty” expression seems justified; no doubt she was hoping for a more dignified portrait. The difference in their poses is fascinating to me, it is a study in complete opposites. I agree that the groom may have been striving for an air of nonchalance, but, well — he went over the line! If not for the groom’s devil-may-care attitude, and if the bride had relaxed a bit, if could have been a pleasing portrait–it looks as though it was taken in an actual home (the light coming through the windows is a very nice touch). If this is actually a photographer’s set, it is terrific.

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