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This cabinet card portrait features an actress, or possibly a musician, holding a violin and bow. She is dressed in a risque fashion. Courtesy of her short dress, she is exposing a great deal of her legs. The photograph was taken by Julius Gertinger (1834-1883) whose studio was located in Vienna, Austria. The reverse of the photo (seen below) shows some of the medals won by Gertinger in exhibitions. One of the earlier medals is from 1868. The date of this photograph (1886) is also listed on the reverse of the cabinet card. Gertinger is cited in the “British Journal of Photography (1874)”. In a review of a collection of his photos appearing in an international exhibition, the writer states that his photographs “possess great delicacy”. “The Photographic News (1875)”  in announcing the winners of awards at the Vienna Photographic Exhibition, reports that Gertinger and another winner were “by no means unknown to many of their brethren in Great Britain”. The New York Public Library’s Photography Collection includes the work of Gertinger.   (SOLD)


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  1. Oh, for the days when a pair of dimpled knees was considered an asset!

    What a divine little musician.

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