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Sometimes the cabinet card gallery features vintage photographs that are not cabinet cards. Some may find fault with the site’s occasional lapses of fidelity to the cabinet card era. However, I can not stop myself from sharing other types of vintage photographs in my collection. This real photo postcard is truly special. A cute baby sits in a carriage in front of a 48 starred American flag. Behind the child is a white picket fence. The only items missing from this patriotic photograph is a Chevrolet and an apple pie. The postcard was produced by AZO between 1918 and 1930. If you have an opinion as to whether I should be including vintage non cabinet card photographs in the Cabinet Card Gallery, please let me know by leaving me a comment.

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  1. would love to see vintage/antique non-cabinet card images as all old photos…..this one is wonderful as I am especially drawn to patriotic items.

  2. Same here. Different types of photos might help someone identify their own by age, type, etc.

  3. Hi, inasmuch as this does not fall into your year-criteria, this is still a vintage photograph, and quite charming. I think it would be most popular with buyers. – In fact, if your site does this, like others, you might want to make copies of this ( and other special photos), and sell them separately from the authentic cards themselves. – As posters perhaps.

    A wonderful photo, reminiscent of a time when the American flag was an honored symbol of our country. – Patriotism was popular then.

    Thanks again!

  4. I admire all the research you do on the cabinet photographers. But they are posed in a studio with the photographers props. In a snapshot what you see is what was there. That said, I buy and cherish them all.
    I vote that you are allowed to sneak in a non-cabinet.

  5. As I recall (oops! age tip-off), even in the early days of radio, great shows like ‘Your Hit Parade’ allowed ‘Lucky Strike Extras’. Showing a fine picture you want to share is no threat to Cabinets.

  6. Old photos of any kind are always high on my list of things I love. Keep ’em coming.

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