vancouver couple

This vintage photograph features an immigrant couple posing for their portrait at an unknown photography studio in an unknown location. How do I know that this lovely couple are immigrants? I actually don’t know if they are really immigrants. They have an ethnic appearance and are dressed in a fashion that a casting director might hire them to portray a couple “right off the boat”. What is their ethnicity? I would guess they are European but have little confidence in that hypotheses. The couple are well dressed in a “sunday best” sense. The woman has a cute hat, white gloves, and a purse. The couple are posed next to a vase of flowers sitting on a table. Interestingly, the woman has her arm linked around her husband’s arm. She is clearly not afraid of public displays of affection. This photograph was found in a Vancouver antique store but experience tells me that there is a large possibility that the image did not originate in Vancouver.

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  1. those crazy kids with their outlandish pda’s! )

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