A pretty young girl is dressed in a beautiful white dress and veil for her portrait at the Borgia studio in Los Angeles, California. She looks like a young bride but she is but she is almost certainly dressed in her finest on the occasion of her communion. She looks quite proud as she poses for the camera. Note the necklace with a cross that she is holding in her left hand. Preliminary research revealed little about photographer F. Borgia although there are a number of collections that include his photographs. One citation was found. The book “Los Angeles’s Little Italy”, by Mariann Gatto, states that Nick Borgia (located on San Fernando Street) was one of three of Little Italy’s favorite photographers (the other two were Mr. Ricci and Mr. Del Beato). There is a disparity between first names (F. vs. Nick) but it is very likely that Nick could have been the photographers middle name or nickname. Did I really just say that Nick may be his “nickname”? This portrait measures 5″ x 7″ and has excellent clarity.



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  1. It is actually a Rosary that she is holding, not a necklace.

  2. The photographer here is actually Flegonte Borgia. He was born in Italy in Feb 1872 and immigrated to the US in 1899. He appears in Los Angeles city directories as a photographer from 1904-1914. But he was only at 674 San Fernando St in the period 1907-1914. He also appears in the 1920 United States Census at this address living with his wife Barbara and mother Therina.

    • Thank you for sharing the information about Flegonte Borgia. Your research is appreciated.

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