According to the inscription on the reverse of this cabinet card, the subject of this photograph is named Gertrude N. Putnam. The inscriber also mentions that Ms Putnam is a cousin of Lucy S Mckay. This image is novel for a number of reasons. First, note that Gertrude is wearing a pair of dark glasses. Is it safe to assume that she is blind? Second, Gertrude is wearing a fur coat. Remember this is before PETA days so she can wear the coat with little or no guilt. The final unusual feature of this photograph is it’s somewhat unusual sized (6 1/2″ x 2 3/4″). Unfortunately, little can be learned about Gertrude Putnam because the name and location of the photographer who took this photograph is unknown and there is no shortage of Gertrude N. Putnams’ during the cabinet card era.

putnam 1

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