Three handsome military men pose in front of the radio shack for this snapshot portrait. The soldiers look like their having a great time. The man in the middle has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He looks like he’s playing a part in a World War II movie. Judging by the inscription on the reverse of the photograph, these guys are not in a war zone. In fact, the use of the word “Aloha” probably indicates that they are located in Hawaii. They are likely radiomen who worked the night shift which is logical since they are posing by the “Radio Night Crew’ sign seen above the shack’s door. This photograph was likely inscribed to, and sent to, “Arnolds” girlfriend. Along with the snapshot, the inscriber sent his “smiles” and “love and kisses”.  SOLD


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  1. This snapshot keeps drawing me back. Apparently innocuous record, but some puzzling aspects. Except for the G.I. boots the outfits, coveralls, were not generally issued … (as were the ubiquitous ‘fatigues’). Likely for engineers, motor or air mechanics, etc. These look mostly well worn, lots of manual labor implied. There are no signs of rank so I assume they were privates. Radio shack denizens were likely, at least, technical (T) NCO’s. No dog-tag chains visible at the necklines. I think they were using the radio shack background as a prop. (Arnold impresses Rose with his three friends’ picture … but not his.) {Possibly a remote location … no more sneak attacks wanted. Note the shack is resting on wooden blocks.} Puzzles … no answers likely. I was in the army about then (or a little later, but far from there) … snapshot film scarce at times, processing not always handy… not smart to have a decent camera, or any valuables, in the barracks. Neat picture, though … handsome soldiers

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