This vintage photograph captures a most adorable child sitting on a stool/table, resting one foot on a nearby chair. I am uncertain as to whether the child is a boy or a girl but for the purpose of this entry, I will refer to the child as a boy. From his perch, the child looks toward the camera with very engaging eyes and expression. He is wearing an outfit that is part nautical and part “Little Lord Fauntleroy”. He is holding an open book or magazine. There appear to be copies of photo postcards on the book/magazine pages. This photographic portrait was taken by the Schneidt Studio in St. Louis, Missouri. George Gustav Schneidt (1887-1965) and his son operated the studio until 1965.


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  1. What a fine portrait … but it does present some puzzling aspects (as you have pointed out). Looking at the head and face alone, all my instincts tell me it is likely a girl … the bangs, the long hair, along with what seems to be a ring on the right forefinger. The clothing, in spite of the frills & bows, etc, seem more in keeping with boys’ wear of the era. (Mon Dieu! … what they did to boys clothing in those days, sometimes, in preparation for a photo.) That said, I bow to your instincts and wisdom that it is a boy … in lieu of further evidence. For the object he is holding … the orientation of pictures indicates it is bound at the top like a tablet rather than on the side like a book or magazine. It looks like it has been well-fingered … possibly the studio’s display of offered photo purchase options. Not the usual thing to have the model holding. I really enjoy the questions these classic photos pose.

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