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This cabinet card portrait of a pretty teenage girl is by esteemed Chicago photographer John Kimball Stevens. A number of photographs by Stevens can be viewed in the cabinet card gallery by clicking on the category “Photographer: Stevens”. Stevens operated his gallery out of the McVicker’s Theatre building. The young woman in this photograph is bright eyed and has a terrific pleasant expression. She is clearly holding back a smile. She apparently liked jewelry as evidenced by her interesting necklace, collar pin, and earrings.

A visitor to the Cabinet Card Gallery, named Jon, left a comment indicating that he had found a cabinet card image at a flea market that appeared to be the same woman as the one pictured above.He was kind enough to send a copy of the image that he found (see the image below). I definitely see the similarity in appearance that Jon is referring to. However, the woman in the top cabinet card has a rounded face and springy curls while the woman below has an oval face with thick tight curly hair. In addition, their eyes and smiles are vastly different. Both photographs were taken by the Stevens Gallery which was quite prolific. It is no surprise that they likely had many instances of photographing people that had similar appearance. Thank you Jon for sharing the photograph and your observations.
Reader photo sent Stevens

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  1. I believe I found another photo of her at a flee market. She has a different dress and jewelery on.

    • I would love to see the image. Could you send a copy of the image to bmarshphd@gmail.com If you give me permission, I will add it to the gallery so visitors to this image can see the similarity. Thanks for your comment.

      • I sent it to the email. If you don’t get it, try emailing me first then I’ll send it again through that message.

    • Thank you Jon for sending a copy of the image. It will be posted in the Cabinet Card Gallery at 7:15 AM today (3/26/17). The posting will include some of my comments about the similarity of the two photographs. I hope you look at today’s entry. I want to address the questions that you asked in your email. I have no information about the subject in either photograph. In regard to J. K. Stevens, the photographer; he was a major photographer of his era. He was well known for his celebrity portraits.Locating his studio in a Theater building must have really helped him gain access to actors and actresses. The only historical importance of this image is that it was photographed by the Stevens Studio. However, J. K. was a prolific photographer and his images are pretty common. This image is likely from the 1880’s or 1890’s and is in fair condition due to the foxing (“dirty”). The condition does not interfere with ability to appreciate this interesting photograph. The image is not valuable due to it’s condition and it being a relatively common type image.

  2. I’m new here … how do I share a photo I have ?? I don’t want to start my own blog just share one photo???

    • If you would like to share a photo you can email a copy of the image to bmarshphd@gmail.com Please write a description of the image if you so desire. Thanks.

  3. The left ear is well shown in both photographs. On close-up comparison, among other features, the ‘geography’ of the ear folds is very similar. My vote, for what it is worth, is that both show the same young lady. The second picture, possibly when she was a bit older. If so, consider the odds that we would ever be making this comparison … what a hoot.

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