I wish I knew what was going on in the photograph on this vintage real photo postcard. Mom, Dad and their child all are displaying very intense expressions. The man and woman are staring at each other. It is as if their eyes are throwing darts at each other. The child, wearing a nautical outfit, looks like he just saw a ghost. The child is standing on a wagon. The family dog is standing on it’s hind legs with one paw on the wagon. This postcard’s AZO stamp box indicates that it was produced sometime between 1904 and 1918. (SOLD)

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  1. Perhaps she’s wishing he hadn’t come back from the war!

  2. I wonder what the photographer thought! I’d like to believe the parents are just joking, but the kid doesn’t know that.

  3. I suspect that posing this quartet was beyond the photographer’s pay grade. You take what you get … the models are provoked at this point, even the dog. I am puzzled by the (Rube Goldberg?) contraption the child is standing on … like the top of a stroller on the bottom of a wagon, parts of each not evident. (If this is American, unlikely he was in the war, timewise … and his draft exemption in the photo.)

  4. I don’ t think it’s as dramatic as it seems. The photographer probably asked the couple not to move for a minute or so, and look at each other, which made them intimidated and frozen. The child is not seeing a ghost but is awed by the photographer and his strange equipment. The dog has a hard time sitting still so they are holding his paw.

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