This vintage real photo postcard features a photograph of fraternity brothers posing in front of their fraternity house. I have been unable to identify the specific fraternity that these boys represent. There are some clues that might help another researcher to uncover the name of the fraternity. The banner held by a boy in the second row identifies the university as Colgate, located in Hamilton, New York. There are four pillows that may be revealing. The pillow on the end, reports the year as 1906. The other three pillows are held by boys in the front row. Each pillow has a letter; which I assume is written in Greek. One of the pillow’s letters is impossible to read. Investigation reveals that historically, Colgate had many student organizations. The school was founded in 1819 and the institution’s rich history of student societies include Literary Societies, Greek Fraternities, Honor Societies, and even secret societies. This postcard has been postmarked twice. The card was processed in both Norwich and Hamilton, New York. The postmark was stamped in 1906. The postcard is addressed to Miss Abigail Post (1885-?). The 1900 US census reveals that she was the daughter of a farmer and the 1910 US Census lists her as a public school teacher. In 1913, she married Thomas Ray Gorton.

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