This vintage real photo postcard features a mother and daughter. The mom is wearing a bold striped shirt. The little girl is holding a tennis racket and has a wonderful smile. This postcard was published by Thomas Illingworth & Co. (T.I.C.). The company was a paper manufacturer founded about 1904. They produced the “Horse Shoe Brand” photographic paper in London England. In 1919 they were bought by British Photographic Supplies company, Ilford. An internet source states that the company produced postcards with horseshoe stamp boxes between 1919 and 1930. Symbols were used to identify the date the postcard paper was produced. Note the triangle on the reverse of the card which can be found between the words “Post” and “Card”. The triangle indicates that this postcard stock was produced in 1928.


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  1. You may find this of interest –
    I’ve included your beautiful postcard with a credit
    I was researching off the back of a more or less blank card

    • Thanks so much for citing the Cabinet Card Gallery in your very interesting article. I learned so much about the Horseshoe brand of photographic paper and thomas illingworth, the postcard publisher. I appreciate the time and energy you put into researching the article. I highly recommend postcard collectors visit this blog entry. Thanks again.

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