sailor couple

sailor couple 1 This vintage real photo postcard features a handsome wedding couple. The groom is wearing his naval uniform. His hat tells us the name of his ship. Unfortunately, the camera angle only shows the beginning letters of the ship’s name. One possibility is that the ship is named HMS Constance. The Constance was a light cruiser of the Royal Navy that was active in World War I. The ship was launched in 1915. It took part in the Battle of Jutland in 1916. The Constance was decommissioned in 1931 and was in reserve until 1935. The bride in this photo is wearing a pretty dress and a long veil. The photographer of this wedding portrait is Henri Pissot and his studio was located in Sens, France. Sens is a city in the Yonne department in north-central France. To see more photographs by Pissot, place his name in the search box. This real photo postcard has excellent clarity and is in excellent condition (see scans). Addendum: Please see comments section in regard to the sailors country of service and the name of his ship. Thanks to the visitors to the Cabinet Card Gallery that provided the aforementioned information.

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sailor couple 2


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  1. This isn’t a Royal Navy uniform. It’s French. I’ve done a quick search of French ship names but no luck yet.

  2. The name on the sailor’s hat appears to be INconstant…I Googled the name of that ship and it has a very different history. Enlarging the photo will make it easier to see.

    • Yes, I’m sure that’s the right one, which raises another mystery. The Inconstant was sold out of the French navy in 1901 which puts the photograph at around the turn of the century. But the postcard has a divided back, dating it at sometime after 1902. This suggests the postcard was produced from an older photograph. Perhaps for an anniversary?
      Don’t you love the detective work?

      • Very impressive. Great investigating on your part. The research is part of the fun of collecting vintage photos and postcards. Thanks for sharing the interesting
        results of your detective work.

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