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hot springs 4 This vintage real photo postcard features a lovely young woman smiling for the camera at the Eckler photo studio in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Eckler’s name is embossed on the  right side of the bottom border of the postcard. The city of Hot Springs is located in the Ouachita Mountains and has several natural hot springs in the area. Beginning in the 1830’s, Hot Springs became a resort offering many spas. Hot Springs was the place to go for relaxation, fun, and good health. It is likely that the woman in this photograph is a visitor to the spa town. If so, she would come to the photographer for a photograph to serve as souvenir of her trip. The woman is wearing a dress that suggests that, in my opinion,  informality and relaxation. Her hat is quite unusual and interesting. It looks like a slab of bacon. It seems appropriate to wear such a hat in the Razorback state. Ernest Eckler was one of Hot Springs’s most renowned photographers. He operated a studio there for 49 years (1897-1946). He was from Missouri but moved to Hot Springs in the late 1890’s. He moved to Hot Springs because he was a tuberculosis patient seeking medical benefits from the springs. Eckler was a college graduate but while in Hot Springs he discovered the field of photography and learned enough to take a job with the Missouri Pacific Railroad as a photographer. He took mostly scenic shots to be used for advertising purposes. In 1897, he purchased a studio in Hot Springs. As a studio photographer he focussed on photographing individuals and families. He was a prolific wedding photographer. This postcard has an AZO stamp box that dates between 1924 and 1949. This postcard is in good condition. Note the small closed tear near the middle of the right border. The Arkansas State Archives has a collection of Eckler’s photographs. 

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  1. My mother had a hairstyle like that circa 1948.

  2. I’d say she works as a tour guide or a greeter. Her dress looks sorta civil war era without the hoops. The hat looks bent out of shape.

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