hartleysThis cabinet card portrait of a young child was produced by Hartley’s Studios. Hartley operated his studio in Chicago, Illinois (309 Madison Street). The studio was the” largest and finest equipped photographic gallery in the world”, and was “alive with the best photographic talent possible to procure”. These accolades are attributable to Hartley. The self promoting statements were printed on the reverse of the photograph. The child in this photograph is not identified, nor is it clear whether the subject is a boy or girl. Most likely the subject is female, based on her clothing, necklace, and hair bow. The child is very cute and has an interesting expression. She looks pensive, possibly even suspicious or anxious. It is interesting to note that she  appears to be wearing a dark belt. It is possible that the belt is part of her dress, but one wonders if the belt is actually a device to hold her in the seat. To view other photographs by Hartley, and to learn more about him, click on cabinet card gallery’s category “Photographer: Hartley”.    SOLD

hartleys 1

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  1. Isn’t she sweet?!

  2. The look on her face seems to be saying, “Exactly why I am I here?” And I believe the belt is indeed holding her in place. Adorable picture and her dress looks expensive for child’s dress.

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