Miss Winifred Emery (1861-1924) is the subject of this vintage real photo postcard. She was an English actress and actor-manager during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was married to actor Cyril Maude (m. 1888). It is not hard to imagine that the fact that she was born into a family of actors, played a role in her career choice. She began as a child actress and during the 1880’s and 1890’s her career blossomed as she played many leading roles in London’s West End theatres. Interestingly, her first London appearance was in 1874 in the pantomime,”Beauty and the Beast”. She later joined Marie Litton’s company, Herbert Beerbohm Tree’s theatre company, Henry Irving’s theatre company, and Wilson Barrett’s company. She eventually started her own touring theatre company with her husband. In 1896, her husband became actor-manager of the Haymarket Theatre and Emery became his leading lady. Among the plays that Emery appeared in are number of productions of Shakespeare. Emery had a successful stage career that spanned over forty years. This postcard was published circa 1910 by Raphael Tuck & Sons’ as part of the “Stage Favourites” Series (No. 5062). The photographer of this portrait of Miss Emery was Alexander Bassano, a very respected celebrity photographer. (SOLD)


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  1. She looks to be in her twenties here. Could this one have been a re-issued card then I wondered, as you mention 1910 as the date of it’s issue?

    • Thank you for being so observant. You are very correct. In 1910, Winifred was 49 years old and in this photograph she looks to be in her twenties. England’s National Portrait Gallery has 13 photographs of Winifred, including this photo postcard. They state that the photo was taken between 1900 and 1909. Once again, her age and the date of the photo don’t add up. I was able to find another photo postcard which showed Miss Emery appearing around the same age as in this postcard. This second photograph captured Miss Emery appearing in “The Rivals”.The photo appeared in “The Theatre Magazine” (1883). I believe that you are absolutely right about this postcard being a reprint of an earlier image.

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