This carte de visite is a photograph of a pretty young woman wearing a large chain and cross. She was photographed at the studio of C. W. Tallman (1833-1896), in Batavia, New York. The town is located in Genesee County and is in the West Central part of the state. Charles W. Tallman operated a gallery in Batavia between the 1870’s and 1905. He began his photography business in Lockport, New York (1866-1877). A number of his early photos were railroad related. Tallman was the first photographer in Batavia,  Some of Tallman’s photographs can be found in the George Eastman Museum and the New York Public Library collections. Tallman was an amateur astronomer and wrote about the subject. This cdv photograph is in very good condition (see scans).                                                       

Buy this original Vintage Carte de Visite Photograph (includes shipping within the US) #2935

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Buy this original Carte de Visite Photograph (includes International shipping outside the US) 2935

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