three couples cc three couples cc 1 three couples cc 2 three couples cc 4This cabinet card portrait is likely a family portrait, judging by a strong family resemblance among a number of the individuals in the photograph. The woman sitting on the right side of the bottom row is holding an open photograph album. She is also arm in arm with the woman sitting next to her. This image is difficult to analyze in terms of the exact family constellation represented. Are these people siblings? Like many other photographs of this era, it is impossible to confidently hypothesize about the exact relationships between the subjects. The photographer of this cabinet card is Edwin Rodney Curtiss (1836-1906) and his studio was located in Madison, Wisconsin. Curtiss was born in Southington, Connecticut and married Eva A. Lingenfetler of Fonda, New York in 1859.   (SOLD)

three couples cc 5

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  1. I think this group is siblings – there is a lot of similarities especially in the eyes and noses. The three men look very much alike. The two women on the right have almost identical features. The man on the far left has eyes identical to the woman second from the right. The woman second from the left does not looks as much like the other but still has enough similarities to be a sister, or she could be a wife of one of the men. I just love analyzing these old pictures and trying to figure out the circumstances!

  2. My guess is that it was taken after the death of their parents and that they are all siblings. Just a guess:)

  3. Possibly spouses and the lady holding the photo album lost her husband. My family has a similar photo.

  4. My guess is that they are siblings. The woman holds a photo album with their parents’ photos and holds the arm of the eldest sister. Maybe.

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