This cabinet card photograph was purchased in the Texas Hill Country but was taken at a wedding in Northhampton, Pennsylvania. This group is the “mother” of all wedding parties. The bride is wearing a dark wedding dress and four of the women are wearing tiaras. Some of the children are holding dolls. Note the accordion player sitting in the bottom row. Apparently he was supplying the entertainment at the wedding reception. This cabinet card was photographed by Thomas Lenhart. He operated a studio in Northampton, Pennsylvania. The cabinet card gallery has other images from Mr. Lenhart’s other studio. It was located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.He was a talented photographer and one of his photographs is exhibited in the American Museum of Photography. The cabinet card displayed is a double self portrait. It is called a double self portrait because the image captures Lenhart taking a photograph of himself. In other words, he assumes two different poses in the same photograph. Lenhart is known to have operated in Allentown between 1894 and 1899. It is very possible that he was located there before and after those years; but no documentation for other years has been found. To view other photographs by Lenhart, click on cabinet card gallery’s category “Photographer: Lenhart”. SOLD

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  1. Stand up straight, don’t talk, hold a serious face and make sure the kiddies know not to move. – Then, have a wonderful meal, lots of laughter, maybe lots of love, and go on to share that old pic when the children grow up and go forth to marry.

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