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This unusual vintage real photo postcard features a husband, wife, and their two dogs hanging out at their log cabin. The husband is sitting on the roof, he is probably making an attempt at humor. The wife is sitting in front of the cabin with a photographic album on her lap. The large dog in the doorway may be a hunting dog. The small light colored dog next to the woman seems to be happy being outside the cabin. The caption seen below the image states “All That Is Necessary to Hold a Claim”. My guess is that the caption is explaining that if one builds a cabin on certain land, it will be sufficient for the owner of the cabin to claim limited  surrounding land. This photograph was taken in LeBeau, South Dakota in 1909. The town started as a fur trading post in 1875. The post was opened by Antoine LeBeau, a French and Lakota fur trader. LeBeau “was” a town situated on the banks of the Missouri River. I used the word “was” because the town of LeBeau no longer exists. At one time, LeBeau was the end of the line for the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway (1907). It was a boom town and a major cattle shipping point. When another railway built a competing line, the importance of LeBeau declined until the trackage to LeBeau was removed in 1924. The town died and went “underwater”. It is located beneath Lake Oahe. The decline of the town began in 1909, the same year this photo was taken. This vintage postcard is in good condition (see scans) It’s postmark was  stamped in LeBeau in 1909. The postcard was published by Patterson & Downey Novelty Postcard Tent.   SOLD


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  1. Your detailed descriptions are outstanding. If I had the $$$$ and didn’t believe it would be a lifelong (30 years at least) job, I’d hire you to catalog my mounds of miscellaneous ephemera.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. If you saw my desk top, you would probably reconsider hiring me to organize your collection. I wish I could say that the papers on my desk are an “organized mess”, but such a statement would earn me pinocchio points.

      • Last time I attempted to organize the mess in what is *supposed* to be my art studio, all that would fit in a large wicker trunk ended up tossed willy-nilly, waiting for a week when I could get back to it. That was 2 years ago.

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