2020-04-11_171140 BIKE GIRL3This vintage real photo postcard features a young woman and her bicycle. It is a studio photograph which explains why the woman and her bike are inside the house.  (SOLD)

2020-04-11_170921 BIKE GIRL

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  1. Why do you suddenly present postcard with such poor quality scans?

    • You are the first to ask me why the quality of the photos I exhibit has sunk so low. I am sure others are wondering too. The problem is that the scanner that I use is at my office so I have been forced to use my iphone camera instead. The photos come out horribly and I am sure that is because I lack the skills needed to use my camera effectively. My intention is to replace the photos with better quality shots as soon as I get back to my office. I am not going to my office currently due to the corona virus “stay in place” order in my state (New York) I apologize to all for the poor quality images I am temporarily posting. I hope all is well with the visitors to the Cabinet Card Gallery. Stay safe and stay well. Bruce

  2. Thanks, Bruce, for your explanation. If I may try to fix your phone to a tripod installed vertically over your photos put on a squared paper. This way your photos are never distorted. Good luck.

    • Thank you for the photography advice. I am back to using a scanner as you can see by my latest post. I am grateful that I don’t have to rely on my camera anymore. Stay safe and stay well during these difficult times. bruce

  3. We just obtained a large collection of cabinet cards, and stumbling on your amazing blog has been a research bonanza! In identifying them, there is a word on the back of many of them written in pencil that I cannot decipher; if I could, would be most helpful in making proper ID. They are nearly all of actors and actresses. Is there a way to send you a photo of this word or name and perhaps you can shed some light? Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge!

    • I would be happy to try to assist you. You can send a copy of the word on the reverse of the cabinet carts and perhaps I can decipher it. You can send a scan to cabinetcardgallery@gmail.com. I look forward to receiving your email. Perhaps you can let me know who some of the photographers are as well as some of the performers are. The names might be relevant to your question. Bruce Marsh.

  4. Thank you Bruce, I emailed you and hope it doesn’t end up in your spam box! Very grateful for your time.

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