tea2020-06-17_235302This vintage real photo postcard features a close-up view of four uniformed Viennese tea room waitresses. The three standing women are dressed nearly identically while the seated woman is dressed notably different. Is the seated woman the tea room’s manager or owner? You may be wondering how I know that these ladies are tea room employees? Actually, I don’t. I am just repeating what I was told by the previous owner of this photo postcard. Of course, I may be wrong about the women’s occupation. However, I am certain about the identity of the photographer of this portrait. I am also certain that he was very talented. The Cabinet Card Gallery has three of his photographs in it’s collection. They are beautiful cabinet card portraits. The photographer’s name and address are embossed near the bottom right hand corner of this postcard. The photographer is S. Weitzmann and his studio was located in Vienna, Austria. The studio won medals at exhibitions Paris, London, and Grand Prix. Weitzmann is mentioned in a book entitled “Hitler’s Silent Partners : Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, and the Pursuit of Justice” (2011).  The book states that Weitzmann was the foremost portrait photographer in Vienna and worked for the Austrian Royal Court before it’s demise in 1918.     SOLD]



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