This vintage real photo postcard features an adorable little girl. She is carrying two beautiful cats. One is peeking out of a wicker basket. This little girl is quite industrious. She is also transporting a second cat, a cloth bag, and a bouquet of flowers. She must have been so busy remembering what cargo she was taking from home that she forgot to put on her shoes. This postcard was made in France and was published by Fauvette (no.1319). The postcard was most likely published in 1913 as a closely numbered Fauvette card in the Cabinet Card Gallery collection has a 1913 postmark.   ADDENDUM: Further research reveals that the model in this postcard is most likely, Hani Reinwald, sister of popular postcard model, Grete Reinwald. Both girls became stage and film actresses.  SOLD

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  1. How sweet.

  2. My guess is she was going to St Yves!!

  3. Rats! SOLD already?? This is one that would have tempted me to break down and finally buy something instead of just drooling. CATS of any sort, any age, always are favorites.

    • This beautiful postcard sold, if I remember correctly, within an hour of being listed. It has all the ingredients of being a desirable card for many collectors. Adorable child, nicely posed beautiful cats, and amazing clarity. To view other cat images, put “cat” in this site’s search box. Are you currently working on a book? If so, what is it about?

      • I currently am painting anything that doesn’t move (art media, not doors, which I also have a history of painting), but spent over a week gathering boxes and boxes of ephemera that I am willing to wholesale to any willing person. If you care to see samples, I’ll gmail you a description with jpg attachments.

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