The subject of this vintage real photo postcard is theatre actress, Suzy Mabel. I was unable to find much biographical information about this pretty young woman with an enticing smile. The magazine, “Navy and Army” (1905) published a full page spread of Miss Mabel. The article included four photographs of Miss Mabel. One of those photographs was identical to the photo above. A caption beneath the images reads “One of the most popular of the young actresses now appearing at La Scala, Paris”. Le Concert de La Scala was built in 1873 and was one of the most famous cafe-concert halls of the Belle Epoque. The portrait of Suzy Mabel seen on this postcard was photographed by Lucien Walery. He was a celebrated Paris photographer known for his portraits of artists and cabaret dancers from the city’s music halls. He is noted for his portraits of Mata Hari and Josephine Baker. Walery did a lot of work in the genre of nude/erotic photography. He photographed the beautiful women of Paris between the early 1900’s and the 1920’s. This postcard was postmarked in 1907. The card was published by Societe Industrielle de Photograpie (SIP) of Rueil, France, as part of a series (no. 5087). SOLD

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  1. Any idea if it was coloured before it was sold? Or post mailing?

    • Hi Ted. I have seen other postcards from this series and they are colored. It is my firm belief that this postcard was color tinted before it was sold.

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