This vintage real photo postcard features Italian stage and film actress, Mimi Aylmer (also spelled Almieri) (1896-1992). She was a star during Italy’s fascist era. Aylmer was born in Rome. Her family was of the bourgeois class. At age seventeen, she made her debut as a chanteuse (female nightclub singer of popular songs). Shortly after her debut, she was hired by the Riviste Papa stage company. In 1914, she launched her film career. She starred in her first film and remained a major star for more than twenty years (until 1936). After World War II, she played character roles in two films before retiring from the entertainment world in 1959. In 1964, she moved to Bologna where she lived in a rest home for entertainment artists. The IMDb reports that Aylmer has twelve film credits ranging from 1914 to 1951. As this photo postcard demonstrates; Miss Aylmer was a pretty woman. She has an aura of sweetness and a nice half smile. This vintage postcard is in very good condition (see scans).The reverse of the card has the stamp of Milan photographer Attilio Badodi (1880-1967). He was a talented and very successful photographer of European celebrities. His photos immortalized many actors and actresses. He also did portraits of Benito Mussolini. The stamp box on this postcard indicates that it was published by K Ltd. sometime between 1918 and 1936. The postcard is in good condition (see scans).


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Buy this Vintage Real Photo Postcard (includes International shipping outside the US) 3400

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